Relevant Coursework

BMGT385 - Operations Management
Professor Kazim Ruhi
This course introduced me to concepts relating to the creation of efficient business processes and production strategies. Specific topics included optimization and queueing models.

BMGT364 - Organizational Behavior
Professor Lori Spina
A survey of management techniques, organizational subcultures, and the overall behavior of people in a business setting.

BMGT403 - Systems Analysis & Design
Professor Zeinab Karake
The first of two Information Systems capstone courses. This course requires teams to analyze an organization's current information system and design a new one with improved functions and features.

BMGT485 - Project Management
Professor Pamela Armstrong
An overview of modern project management techniques, such as the Agile strategy. Topics included defining project scope, an introduction to Microsoft Project, managing costs and risks, and measuring project performance.